Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bear Lake in July

Dari, Brighton, and Bingham

Cheznie and Boen

So, busy!

Cassi, Shanna, Grandma Donna, Grandpa Robert, and Chelsea w/ baby Kobe just hanging out at the beach!


loves to get dirty!

Chezzy with some sand on her face! So, cute!


Bingham after getting attacked by the mosquitoes!
this looks good compared to what he looked like the next day!
he is allergic to them and his entire head was swollen!

Very uncharacteristic of Brighton, not to want her picture taken!

Sweet Dari!!!

Paisli May hiding from the sun!
we have to keep her beautiful milky colored skin protected!

Nicole-what a beauty!


Baby Kobe!

The lovely Cassi!

and the beautiful sisters Cassi and Angie!!!
I didn't get any more pics.
I will have to get some from them. we rode on the boat and I will post those later!!!

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