Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minky Couture

I am working for Minky Couture as an event cooridnator/host. I love their blankets and I think EVERYONE should have one. They have sizes for infants to use as a blanket to carry around which is their Sweet Ruby line, and also for infants to be wrapped in! They even have some for baby dolls! Their is a teen size that is perfect for the car or plane travel. The adult size is great for the couch for looks and to snuggle up in and read or watch TV. You can also get the Monster which is great for the end or your bed or to snuggle with your loved one! Paisli has a few and I do as well! We seriously cannot get enough. So, if you'd like to host our next party, please let me know!!! I am not against traveling anywhere, infact I am headed to France in October and Texas in November. I am also heading to Southern Utah and many places in Northern Utah over the next little while. So, even if you don't want to have a party, you can attend one. I will post all my dates and upcoming events if you want to stop by!

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