Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day/Choose the Right Primary Talk

Well, it happened, Bingham volunteered to give another talk in Primary for this week. Its on Choosing the Right again and since its our 5th talk of the year, I decided to tie in Father's Day. After all, it will be Father's Day on the day he gives his talk. I drew a large picture of a male body and will tape each thing on as we go.

My Daddy Helps Me To Choose The Right
(Brain)-My daddy uses what he learns in church and in the scriptures to choose the right. And make good decisions.

(Eyes)-My daddy uses his eyes to watch good people and learn from them.

(Ears)-My daddy listens with his ears to the still small voice to help him choose the right.

(Mouth)-He uses his mouth to speak kind words and help spread the Gospel.

(Neck)-My daddy holds his head high with his neck and keeps confident.

(Shoulders)-He carries the troubles of the world on his shoulders so I don't have to.

(Heart)-My daddy has a good heart. He loves others and himself. 

(Stomach)-My daddy eats healthy and follows the word of wisdom.

(L. Hand)-My daddy uses his hands to help others and is full of charity.

(R. Hand/ring)-He married my mom in the temple, and likes to visit there.

(Clothes)-My daddy dresses modestly, and honors his covenants.

(Kneels)-He kneels to pray everyday, with our family and by himself.

(R. Foot)-He leads me and guides me.

(L. Foot)-He follows Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful for a Daddy that is a good example to me on  how to Choose the Right. 

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Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

Church starts in an hour, thanks for helping me with my daughter's talk. I find the best stuff under pressure.