Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day we visit my nephew, Harrison's, grave. To read about his story go here.

My brother-in-law Trent, my sister April and their children.

I love the little foot prints. And the little toy truck was from some of their friends. It has been there for months. So sweet.

After, we went to visit my Grandpa's grave. I get teary just thinking about it. I never knew my mom's dad, so Grandpa Speechly was all I ever had. He was so sweet and I think about him every day! I miss him so much, my kids even ask me about my Grandpa all the time. They say, "remember you grandpa that died?" I say, "Yes, wasn't he the best?" And then they always smile and agree.

I really want another boy and name him Roy. The cool thing is, Brody's maternal grandpa,who is in Heaven,  was Roy as well

They put the names of all Grandpa and Grandma's kids on the grave stone. My Dad loves that his is right in the middle!!!

Here is my Dad and my Mom. My parents had a very hard time when he passed. Even though we know we will be with him again and he is not too far from us now, it is hard to not have that physical connection anymore. 

I love you Grandpa and miss you more than you'll ever know!

After visiting the graves, we went down to my Aunt Lauri and Uncle Greg's home. They have such a fun house with so many things to do. We swim and play tennis, basketball or baseball. Our new favorite thing to do is to ride their new horses! Hudson is in this picture with Marissa, my cousin, who was so nice to give us all rides. They are still new so we had to be lead around.

Trent walking by Hudson and Finn.

Finn didn't want to get off.

Bingham loves horses, well all animals. He takes after his daddy and me of course! I used to ride horses at least once a week in high school and after for a little while. I want to own a horse or two one day in the future.

Bingham is a natural.

He didn't want to get off either.

Paisli wasn't so sure. She is so small compared to the horses, I think she was intimidated!

"I don't know what to do with my hands!!!"

She has a lot of learning to do, if she wants to remain in our family... haha kidding kidding... or am I?

Boen finally got his turn!

He just wanted to go faster!

Isn't he such a cute little cowboy?

Ruby is such a cute little cowgirl! She is allergic and got quite the reaction from riding, but nothing a little swimming couldn't fix!

Is it just me, or is Brody looking a little too large for this horse!

We can't wait until we can go fast and on longer rides! But thanks so much Uncle Greg for be such a great host as always!!! I of course rode as well, but no one ever gets a picture of me! :(

My mom with Miss Paisli May!

She was complaining about having her picture taken!

I'm dipping Paisli in, in the background. She wasn't too sure because it was a chilly day! Doesn't April look sexy? Lounging around the pool. haha! I guess I forgot about my camera after this point. Everyone swam, cooked hotdogs over the fire, talked, hung out! It was a great day!!! 

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