Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paisli 18months, 19months

My baby is not such a baby anymore. She is so independent in so many ways. She like to pick out her shoes, (cowboy boots) always wants a bow (flower), and some jewelry. She still doesn't say too much, she says, mama, dada, GG, Je (Jeff),Bo Bo (Boen), B (Bingham), Baba (bottle), B (blankie), she still signs if she wants food or more, Ba (ball), bebe (baby), My! (mine), No (all the time), GayGew (thank you), P (please), Keykey (kitty), Daw (dog). She knows the sounds for dog, kitty, horse, bird, dinosaur, and a few more, but I can't remember right now. Paisli is so sweet, yet so spicey! She knows what she wants and gets it. I have created a Princess (monster). She still doesn't eat much. But every now and then she'll get in a mood, and eat everything in site. Paisli takes a two hour nap every afternoon. She sleeps at night from about 7:30pm-7:30am. Paisli loves to go on walks or bike rides with me every morning while the boys are in school. Its our alone time that I cherish so much. Paisli loves to hit her brothers and then follow it with a big kiss. Paisli weighs 20lbs and is inches tall (I will get that info asap). Paisli is a great dancer and can sing so beautifully, even right in tune. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright big blue eyes! I believe the reason she is so ornery lately is that she went from 6 teeth to 10 teeth in two months. It hurts and she chews on everything, even me! We love our little girl and wouldn't trade her for anything!


Sammy said...

I LOVE HER! Oh my gosh that picture is so freaking cute and so sweet and just her! She is so sassy and so sweet, i miss her so much, i wish we lived closer so she and violet could play EVERYDAY! Oh i miss her so much, i am so glad that she has red hair with violet! ha ha love it! give her kisses for me!

J.lee Hansen said...

she is growing up!