Thursday, October 25, 2012

back to school (like 2months ago)

Back two months ago when it was the first day of school...
Bingham was so excited to start 1st Grade! 

He had a rough first month, just because of how long it was. He gets bored easily! He bring home his school papers with very elaborate pictures on back. I think he has a lot of time to waste. But now that he is two months into school, he loves it!

Here is the classic picture in front of Polk Elementary! I have this same picture when I was in 1st Grade here!

Bing and his best friend George Ryan, aren't in the same class but still get chased by the girls together during recess. ( I heard this recently and about died, haha)

Bingham and the rest of the Blodgett boys!

Here is Bingham in his class next to his buddy Mason. He was stoked to be able to sit by a friend on the first day! 

This smartie pants has gotten 100% on all of his spelling tests, since the very first week of school.
He also was High off the charts on his dibbles tests as well!
He reads so well and is always spelling words on his drawings, which are pretty amazing too! I will post a pic of those soon!

And here is Mr Boen on his first day of Preschool at WSU. He thinks that he is in college, since it is up at Weber where Daddy and all of his Aunts and Uncles went and go! 

It is such a great fit for Boen and his wild personality! He is so smart and so imaginative, they really let him express himself! We have been very impressed and have learned so much! He has not been in trouble once! I'm so proud of him!

Here he is checking out one of the play stations!

And here he is through the two way mirror. I love to watch him daily and see how he interacts! He is definitely the class clown and his teacher loves him dearly!

My little smartie is looking forward to kindergarten next year. He is getting prepared by going 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hrs, so next year will be only 1 day longer! He can write and spell his name, he has memorized his letters, numbers, and loves to read with me. He is picking up on all of the songs and so much more! 

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Sammy said...

oh my, if they aren't the most handsome boys ever! This is making me so sad i'm not around to see them, they are so big and so freaking cute! seriously such studs, oh love polk school, sounds like they're doing well!