Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bear Lake in Aug

Our trip to bear lake was so fun! first we spent the weekend with the Call family and then my family came up to spend the first part of the week!

Elsie Sue munchin away!

Paisli and Daddy

Bingham building sand castles

Paisli had so much fun with Violet playing in the sand and looking for seashells

A little sand castle island

Jeff and my dad helped Bingham build an awesome sand castle!

Jeff and Meg

Boen sitting in the pool they built

Sammy and Megan bringing Elsie out to the little island. She was a maniac, and didn't care if she fell or got dirty or went under. Needless to say we had to watch her like a hawk!

hubba hubba

My brother does a great humpback well impersonation!

haha I'm just thankful he left his trunks on! haha

The finished product!

Pais loved looking at seashells all day long!

So did Miss Vi

Someone got a bit dirty!

Ding dong belly button. She has a hernia in it. 

My parents rented the tramp! everyone really enjoyed it! That's dad jumping!

There is Bing jumping!

Jeff knocking everyone over!

The crew!

Grammy watching the babies!

Boen swimming back to shore!

Silly boy

one last sea shell Paisli wanted to show me!

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Sammy said...

AHHH!!! Thanks so much again for letting us come up, and thanks Calls! Seriouslythat was THE funnest thing we did all summer. I'm so glad we got to go up, TRADITION from now on! violet seriously talks about bear lake everyday. will just randomly bring it up. it was so much fun! you got such good pictures too