Friday, October 11, 2013

Preggo Update!

14 1/2 weeks pregnant. I still feel nauseous about 60% of the time. I am so tired 90% of the time, which is not like me. I am starting to get a pooch and have already gained 5lbs.
Ugh not good, but hey its my 4th and I have forever to loose it and keep it off!
 My current cravings are Oranges 

and hot chocolate! 
Not together though!
 I get to possibly find out the sex of the baby in a week and a half. We are so excited and have so many reasons we want a girl and so many reasons we want a boy. 

If I didn't have c/s and rough pregnancies I'd have at least two more babies!!! 
But the reality is I do and so I can't. So we are all trying to enjoy each stage of this pregnancy and trying to play down the hard parts!
I announced my pregnancy to Brody's family this way, by sending a text saying, 
"Do you think they have this kind of parking at Disneyland?"
And then on Instagram/Facebook I posted this pic and it said 
"Wish I could take this sign to every parking lot!"

Here is my belly at 8weeks.

Here is my growing belly at 13.3wks! 

I have some more catching up to do, just wanted to do a quick update on this sweet baby #4!!!

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Sammy said...

you look amazing! seriously don't even look pregnant at all, hmm i'm gonna guess another boy?! can't wait to hear!