Monday, October 7, 2013

Weber County Fair 2013

Paisli really loved the petting zoo at the Weber Country Fair. 
My parents took our whole family, it was so fun!

Bingham and Boen loved to feed the goats!

Love her reaction to the goats!

Bebe cow.

Boen having a staring contest with the cow.

Who will win?

Paisli first time milking a cow.

Bingham's first time milking a cow.

Boen's first time milking a cow too!

Grammy and Papa with Violet Paisli and Finny.

Uncle Jeff helping Paisli see.

Meg helping Elsie see the mini horse.

Boen checking out the mini ponies

Petting a nice clean cow. He just got vacuumed right before this. haha I didn't know that is how they groomed a cow. haha

My county fair is the best county fair...

All the grandkids except for Violet and Lincoln.

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